My Secret Weapon For Social Media Scheduling

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Do you spend ages every week creating and scheduling all your social media posts?

Here is how Smarterqueue can help save you valuable time.

I began my setup with Smarterqueue after a friend sent me an extended trial. It’s great. During the trial, I experimented with how to add content and looked into how the features worked. Before, I was spending so much time going through and scheduling content. At one point, it got to the stage where I was trying to create and schedule stuff for the same day. Which as you can imagine was quite stressful.

With Smarterqueue I set it up by creating my categories (ie. the different types of things I wanted to talk about relevant to my niche), created my posting plan (what category I wanted to post and when), and started adding the content. I then rearranged the posts I created in the queue by simply going to the queue and clicking on the arrow next to the post.  Then I drag and drop where I want it to go. I can also alter or change the posting plan whenever I like, I just need to click on the posting plan on the top header bar and move the categories around to where I want them.

Once it’s all set up I can then be safe in the knowledge that my content will never run out thanks to the evergreen feature. For example, engagement posts such as ‘This or That’ or “Would you rather” posts are easy to create and schedule and will still be relevant. Then all you need to do is add any other content to fill in the rest of the week according to your posting plan!

Features of Smarterqueue

So let me go into a bit more detail about some of the features of Smarterqueue:

Categories –

These are the different types of content you might want to post.  It could be things like content pillars such as educational, promotional or inspirational etc. Whatever you use as your content pillars or want to use as the categories for your content. I use different topics relevant to my buisness and my niche. such as ‘social media scheduling’.

Posting plan –

This is where you can decide which categories you want to post on which days and which times. You can even customise it and have different times/days for each social media profile. For example, category 1 for Facebook on Monday but on Thursday for Instagram perhaps.

Snippets –

These are so helpful. They are basically text shortcuts. You can use any text or up to 30 hashtags. It’s really easy to create. you could use this for your business slogan perhaps or any snippet of text you use regularly to save you time having to type it over and over again. It’s simple to do just go to settings>snippets>give the snippet a name and add in the text. Then when you want to write a post you click this handy little button (See image 1) and choose from your list which one you want to use. If you forget what text you’ve used there is even a preview button so you can check before adding them to your post.

smarterqueue screenshot of snippet tool
Image 1

Evergreen content

This is probably my favourite feature so far. This allows you to add content to a queue (based on your posting plan) and it will automatically repost content that has been marked as evergreen. Once it reaches the bottom of the queue it will just reset and start again from the top again. For example, I use this feature predominantly for my engagement posts so I know the content will never run out. Then when I add more posts I just add them to either the top of the list if I want them to be published first or the bottom of the queue if I just want them to be added to the sequence.

Recurring content –

This is similar to evergreen in that you can choose the post to be published more than once but this gives you more control over exactly when you want the post to be published and how regularly. (See image 2 below). This would be perfect if you are about to launch a product or service and you want to remind your audience about it.

Image 2

Find content

This is a great tool. It allows you to search for other content which could be your old social media posts, blogs, even royalty-free images or gifs. (see below) You can decide whether to share just the media (and add a new caption) or share your entire post.

all the ways to find content on smarterqueue


This is a fantastic feature. If your queue has finished its cycle but you just don’t currently have the time to fill it back up, you can pause categories for each social media profile. Also, you could use this feature when you first start out.  Adding the content but pausing all the categories to allow yourself time to build up evergreen content. Then just add new content as you go, always in the knowledge, you have a backup if you’ve had a bad week.

Want to see for yourselves?

This all sounds good right? So how do you see for yourself?

The sign up process is simple and you can try it for free for an extended trial period of 30 days with my link.

Try it out see what you think. I hope you love it as much as I do!

If you want the benefit of this fab social media tool but need help to set it up, or just want someone else to do it all for you, why not get in touch today.

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